Through building bars, we realized that everything that contributes to a great cocktail experience - think design, music, hospitality - are just as integral as the drink itself. We believe that unforgettable moments are born when talented professionals come together from different domains to co-create an experience. This philosophy of synthesis is what we call Sip & Guzzle.

Sipandguzzle.com is a bar culture media outlet curated by the creators of The SG Shochu. Based in Shibuya, Tokyo, we are excited to explore cutting-edge cocktail and bar culture trends flourishing in our cities.



Three of the top shochu distillers in Japan united with SG Group to create the most versatile shochu in the world, known as The SG Shochu.

Loyal to the traditions of Honkaku (authentic/artisanal) shochu, The SG Shochu offers three expressions: KOME (rice), IMO (sweet potato), and MUGI (barley). These single-distilled spirits are equipped with a rich foundation of flavor and balanced with a pristine finish, making for the perfect cocktail spirit to Sip or Guzzle.


Led by multi-award-winning bartender Shingo Gokan, SG Group operates five cocktail bars (and restaurants) based in Shanghai and Tokyo [Speak Low / Sober Company / The Odd Couple / The SG Club / The Bellwood / SG LOW], as well as a spirit brand [The SG Shochu], glassware brand [Sip & Guzzle], a bar tool shop [OCHO], and bar consulting services.

With care and attention to all five senses, SG Group is a Bar Culture Company working to make your next drink - and everything that surrounds it - a truly captivating experience.