A cocktail is worth a thousand words.





  • Castella Flip

    CLASSICS & TWISTS 2021.04.26

    #Cocktail #The SG Shochu MUGI

    Castella is a Japanese sweet cake that is said to be inspired from the Portuguese. The egg gives the cake a yellow hue, and is often crusted on the bottom with sugar. It’s the type of thing you intend to have only one of, then catching yourself with a second serving…

  • Hot Buttered Sweet Potato

    CLASSICS & TWISTS 2021.04.22

    #Cocktail #The SG Shochu IMO

    An oyuwari (shochu served with hot water) is one of the shochu lovers’ favorite. The warm water invites a more nuanced expression of the sweet potatoto. Take it in the direction of a toddy by adding a touch of sweetness.

  • Kome Otome

    CLASSICS & TWISTS 2021.04.20

    #Cocktail #The SG Shochu KOME

    The classic sour with egg whites can be taken in many directions. Some can be rich and luscious, others delicate and refreshing. This is the latter. KOME doesn’t compromise on body to deliver flavor, making for a light yet satisfying experience.